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Manuscripts of papers published in Philosophical Transactions, 1830-1831

Reference number: PT/19

Date: February 1830 - July 1831


Volume of the manuscript versions of papers published by the Royal Society in volumes 120-121 of 'Philosophical Transactions'. A note at the beginning of the volume indicates that all but one paper from 1830 are missing. A note inserted after the 1830 paper indicates that papers I-XVI, XIX, XXI, XXII, and XXIV-XXXIII from the 1831 volume are missing.

Includes some original illustrations and figures in various media (drawings, watercolours) in support of the papers.

Many manuscripts for papers published in volumes 120-121 are missing. Manuscripts present from volume 120 include:
'Observations made with the invariable pendulum (No. 4. Jones), at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, for the purpose of determining the compression of the earth' by Fearon Fallows;

Manuscripts present from volume 121 include:
'On a peculiar class of acoustical figures; and on certain forms assumed by groups of particles upon vibrating elastic surfaces' by Michael Faraday;
'A table for facilitating the computations relative to suspension bridges' by Davies Gilbert;
'On the theory of the elliptic transcendents' by James Ivory;
'On the friction and resistance of fluids' by George Rennie;
'On the influence of screens in arresting the progress of magnetic action' by William Snow Harris;
'On the power of masses of Iron to controul the attractive force of a magnet' by William Snow Harris;
'On the tides in the port of London' by John William Lubbock; and
'An account of operations carried on for ascertaining the difference of level between the River Thames at London Bridge and the sea; and also for determining the height above the level of the sea, &c. of intermediate points passed over between Sheerness and London Bridge' by John Augustus Lloyd.

Reference number
Earliest possible date
February 1830 - July 1831
Physical description
Vellum-covered volume, gilded title on spine
Page extent
One volume containing seven papers, one appendix, two sets of tables, one set of calculations, one set of observations, and one set of plates

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Manuscripts of papers published in Philosophical Transactions, 1830-1831, February 1830 - July 1831, PT/19, The Royal Society Archives, London,, accessed on 29 November 2023

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