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Unbound manuscript versions of papers published by the Royal Society in volume 114 of 'Philosophical Transactions' in 1824. Includes only papers XI-XXV, as well as the plates for Everard Home's Croonian Lecture.

Includes some original illustrations and figures in various media (drawings, watercolours) in support of the papers.

Missing from this volume are the manuscripts for the following papers:
'The Croonian Lecture. On the internal structure of the human brain, when examined in the microscope, as compared with that of fishes, insects and worms' by Everard Home;
'Some observations on the migration of birds' by Edward Jenner;
'On the nature of the acid and saline matters usually ex­isting in the stomachs of animals' by William Prout;
‘On the north polar distances of the principal fixed stars’ by John Brinkley;
‘On the figure requisite to maintain the equilibrium of a homo¬geneous fluid mass that revolves upon an axis’ by James Ivory;
‘On the corrosion of copper sheeting by sea water, and on methods of preventing this effect ; and on their application to ships of war and other ships’ by Humphry Davy;
‘A finite and exact expression for the refraction of an atmosphere nearly resembling that of the earth’ by Thomas Young;
‘The Bakerian Lecture. On certain motions produced in fluid conductors when transmitting the electric current’ by John Frederick William Herschel;
‘Experiments and observations on the developement of magnetical properties in steel and iron by percussion. Part II’ by William Scoresby;
‘On semi-decussation of the optic nerves’ by William Hyde Wollaston; and
‘Observations of the apparent distances and positions of 380 double and triple stars, made in the years 1821, 1822, and 1823, and compared with those of other astronomers; together with an account of such changes as appear to have taken place in them since their first discovery. Also a description of a five-feet equatorial instrument employed in the observations’ by John Frederick William Herschel and James South.

Reference number
Earliest possible date
May 1823 - June 1824
Physical description
Loose manuscript papers written in ink
Page extent
One box containing 14 papers, one letter, and one set of unaccompanied plates

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Manuscripts of papers published in Philosophical Transactions, 1824, May 1823 - June 1824, PT/17, The Royal Society Archives, London,, accessed on 27 May 2024

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